OE 2300 Adapter Module for NI FlexRIO


Multi-channel Fiber Optic sensor Interrogation Unit is a stand-alone unit designed for demodulation of optical signals from the fiber optic sensors and gives the electrical output corresponding to the sensed signal. The input to the interrogation unit is an optical signal coupled via an FC/APC optical fiber connector. The receiving circuitry converts the optical signal to electrical form and digitizes it. The digitized data is taken to a FPGA IC via Serial SPI/I2C Interface which does the required signal processing and recovers the sensed signal. The algorithms used for recovering the signal is similar to general phase modulation/demodulation algorithms available. A variable modulating signal should be generated which can be controlled from the GUI.
The demodulated output electrical signal has to be presented in both analog form as well as in digital form. Analog output should be available via a BNC connector and digital data should be available via Ethernet. A Graphical User Interface for receiving the data and also for controlling the various parameters should be available. To and fro communication to the device should be possible via Ethernet.


  • The "OE 2300" is designed for round-the-clock continuous operation mode (at least 20 hours and 4 hours break) in normal climatic conditions.
  • Supply of the "OE 2300" is carried out from the source of the NI FlexRIO.
  • The "OE 2300" consists of one unit. The unit on the front panel has two External clock connectors for DAC and ADC, 1 output power connector and 1 VHCDI connector.
  • "OE 2300" meets the safety requirements of Russian State Standard for electrical, mechanical, and fire safety - GOST R IEC 60950. 

Technical Specifications

No. Parameter Value
Modulating signal
 1. Modulating signal frequency 1-75 kHz
 2. Frequency resolution 1 Hz
 3. Amplitude variation 1-100 %
 4. Output connector BNC
   Optical Interface
 1. Wavelength of operation C band
 2. No of channels 4
 3. Optical Connector FC/APC
 4. Input stage Polarization Diversion Receiver (PDR)
 5. Min/max optical power Depends on the PDR selected
   Electrical interface
 1. Programmable gain amplifier (PGA) 0-40 dB
 2. Gain Bandwidth >100 MHz
 3. Resolution ≥16 bits
 4. Electronics noise floor  
 5. Data rate  
 6. DAC resolution ≥16 bits