Olymp Engineering has reached accurate weather forecasts to improve agriculture

Olymp Engineering has developed a system to reach accurate weather forecasts to improve agriculture in India with the implementation of Data Logger with Satellite Transmitter for INSAT C3.
This is a data logger system with 24 analog inputs with 16-bit resolution, eight digital inputs, and two SDI-12 inputs. It consumes 50 mAh. First, we log the data for 30 minutes, then we do the preprocessing and, at predefined time intervals, we transmit the results to the satellite (INSAT and INSAT C3). We use GNSS-synchronized RTC for implementation of TDMA. This allows installation of 1,800 systems using the same carrier.
Company's solution achieved low power consumption, software-defined functionality, ease of use, and a higher functionality per cost ratio.
The customer’s objective was to build a system capable of logging data from 24 AI channels and 8 DIO channels for 30 minutes and then transmit to satellite with TDMA. Olymp Engineering has used the NI platform to fulfill all the requirements and even gone further.