New achievements in the oil and gas industry

Olymp Engineering has developed an oil pump control and monitoring application with the Software-Defined Transceiver Based on Single-Board RIO.
In the oil and gas industry lot of deployment is happening. Cost is a major factor but so is the amount of data that can be transferred from pumps to a main server for online analysis. Olymp Engineering company, being an expert with wireless communication and owning a lot of FPGA IPs for modulation and demodulation, has designed a low-cost, high-performance modem with a narrow bandwidth and a high data rate to be used in oil pump control and monitoring application.
The transceiver aims to set a reliable high-speed modem communication link between terminals within an oil field to communicate telemetric data and commands through an FEC-coded channel. Based on the Single-Board RIO platform, the transceiver owns architecture of software defined radio (SDR). It can change and tune parameters on the fly assuring the best possible link of objects to dispatcher and with each other in mesh topology.
SDR architecture allows changing and fine-tuning parameters of the transceivers, including radio parameters in the field, avoiding the need for hardware changes.
Using the SDR transceiver as a modem you can improve data throughput up to 100 kbps using the available communication infrastructure within the same radio channel of 18 kHz bandwidth.