Power divider is a common three-port power splitter circuit that is used to split an input signal into two equal output signals, or to combine two signals into one. Unlike resistive or T-junction power dividers,  this power divider allows for nearly complete isolation between the two ports and adds no resistive losses to the power split.  Because of these characteristics, a  power divider is widely used in radio communication systems due to its ability to prevent crosstalk between channels — a phenomenon where one signal (or channel) affects the transmission of another signal (or channel).

Technical Specifications

Bandwidth losses  above 3 dB,  ≥0.5…0.6 dB
Isolation beetwen 2 output ports  ≥23 dB
SWR  ≤1.3
Phase Unbalance     2…3 degree
Amplitude unbalance 

0.2 dB

Power input as combiner  

up to 5 W

Power input as divider 

up to 10 W